Ways to slim down in your sleep!

Have you ever wanted something to help with losing those extra few pounds? Even after exercising and eating right there are those stubborn extra pounds that won’t go away. Well, I have something that will knock those couple pounds off your waist, or thighs while you sleep. It’s effective and natural without any side effects or needing to take any pills. This is a safe method which I usually add into our weight loss program here at Healthy Green Acupuncture. But for those who don’t really need to lose 10 or 20 lbs this is what I use.

I used it for one night and so far I’ve lost 2 lbs and has also controlled my appetite for sweets. Lately during the day at work when I don’t have time to eat a healthy lunch, I’ve been munching on chocolates, chips and such that has caused my skin to break out. Eating way too much of those delicious 85 degrees bakery breads and Mexican coca cola isn’t necessary healthy but in between treating patients those are the things that I fill up on that has led me to crave it every so often.

The way to break my habit, I’m starting to drink an herbal detox tea (1 bag a day) and also applied our own slimming herbal patch to my navel nightly. It doesn’t cause diarrhea. Also it works well for those who has constipation.

Email me or call me at the clinic! Happy weight loss!